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Nothing can truly replicate who a person was — once they are gone we can't recapture them. However, photographs. audio and video help freeze a moment in time and can give us some insight into what made our ancestors unique. Documentation helps provide further context with which to understand our predecessors. This section provides a link to these past moments through shared photos, documents, personal items, audio and video clips of our ancestors.


An extensive and growing library of family history photos, some over 100 years old, have been digitally scanned and indexed for preservation. Over time more and more of the scanned library are being made accessible online. Nearly 650 are in the catalog so far.

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Audio-only segments captured and converted to digital format for access and download by family members.

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An online library of family history video clips of certain events and interviews.

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An online library of family vital records, censuses, vaccinations, government-issued documents, church records and other official documents. More than 50 documents have been scanned/photographed and indexed thus far.

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An online library of family personal items, newspaper clippings, postcards and memorabilia. More than 60 items have been scanned/photographed and indexed thus far. A few are open to the general public.

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