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This page is the jumping-off point to access family crest/coat-of-arms information, family trees, individual ancestor profiles and medical information on deceased ancestors. However, the public section of the site only provides open access to family trees of deceased ancestors. To access other sections, please log in to the private, family-only section of the site.

Family Trees

Access charts on various branches and surnames to see how we're all connected. > Go

Family Crests

Discover the origin of our family surnames and their associated crests/coat-of-arms. > Log in (family access only)

Ancestor Profiles/Bios

Learn more about the lives of our ancestors through individual biographical profiles. > Log in (family access only)

Medical Databank

This section aims to provide a record of ancestors' known lifetime illnesses, causes-of-death and physical attributes (such as eye and hair color). It is hoped such information will provide a resource for tracing inheritable traits and illnesses through family lines. > Log in (family access only)

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