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Past & Current Project Supporters

The following people have provided generous financial support for the efforts of this project to research, compile and share information about our many ancestors:


Judy Wasco Bower

John Byrne

Dee Bryan

Joseph W. Mann Sr. & Margot Burns Mann

Vincent J. Mann Jr & Annmarie Kiander Mann

Brian Mann & Vincent J. Mann

Michael O'Shea & Mary Mann O'Shea

Beth Wadle

George Wenz III

Thank you also to everyone who has contributed data, photos and other informational support to aid in researching and sharing family history!

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Surnames & Countries of Origin:

SURNAMES: Bogdanovic, Bower, Burns, Callaghan, Curry, Carleton/ Carlton/ Carrolton, Dionne, Donnelly, Dillon, Dumont, Fazio, Kearney, Kearns, LeFebvre, Mann, McDonough, McHugh, Mulaney/Mulvaney, Murray, Mulholland, Nevin, O'Shea, Ortmann, Paquette, Parcel/Purcell, Powell, Prendergast, Rondeau, Scheid, Schuler, Skerl, Steinmetz, Wadle, Wasco, Wenz, Wilson...and many more

COUNTRIES: Bohemia (Austria-Hungary), Germany, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Scotland, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia

LOCALITIES: Newark (NJ, USA), Jersey City (NJ, USA); Hoboken (NJ, USA); Union City (NJ, USA); St. Louis (MO, USA); Waldkappel & Eschwege (Hesse, GER); Plan (Plana), Bohemia; Nemcany (Niemtschau), Bohemia; County Mayo (IRE); Rhineland-Pfalz (GER); Baden-Wurttenburg (GER), Quebec (CAN), Munchhausen, Alsace, Bas-Rhin (FRA)

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