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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the private (family only) section of the site?

In order to access the private section of the site where all the good stuff is, you need a unique username and password and only family members are granted access. If you think you may be related and want to join, please contact so we can confirm eligibility and get you login credentials. Once you have a username and password, click the link at the top of any public page that reads "Log in" and enter your username and password when prompted. That's all.

I forgot/lost my username and/or password. What do I do?

Contact to have your username and password reset.

Why are only 'family members' allowed to subscribe to the Project Newsletter?

It's largely a privacy concern. Though it doesn't happen often, occasionally a newsletter issue may mention a living family member and we'd like to keep these sorts of mentions out of public view. If you think you may be related to one of the surnames listed on the site, contact to see if a connection can be established. You never know!

The family trees seem to be missing people. What's going on?

For privacy reasons on the public site, living family members are either omitted completely or indicated as "Living [surname]". More complete trees are available on the private version of the site for family members

How is genealogical data stored?

I use an offline genealogy database program called Mac Family Tree to enter and maintain family tree information. I think it's one of the best family tree programs available for the Macintosh OS. In most cases my database contains far more information than it is possible to post online. The program works with the genealogy-standard GEDCOM format and can export GEDCOM files.

Are GEDCOM files available?

Currently GEDCOM files of the trees are not available online, although family members may request a GEDCOM file of any branch. At some point in the future I would like to make GEDCOMs available for download in the private section of the site and perhaps even the public site (as long as living family are presented in a blind fashion). At the moment Mac Family Tree cannot export a blinded GEDCOM, so that option will have to wait.

I believe I found a mistake or omission in a record on the site, can it be fixed?

Absolutely. Most pages should contain an embedded form for either submitting information or to correct existing data. You can use that or simply email the pertinent information to . When submitting any information, new or a correction, please indicate the sources for the correction (such as a census, birth certificate, etc.) so changes can be verified. Please be aware that there are discrepancies even among public records for things like surname spellings, ages, dates of birth, etc. There is not necessarily always a "right" answer. Whereever there are discrepancies, however, I do want to record them so we have a better grasp of the range of "right answers"!

I don't see my surname on the site. Can my family tree information be added?

As long as a surname can be linked to one of the branches on the site (such as a branch being added as a result of marriage), it can be added. Simply contact .

I'd like to help somehow, can I?

Sure! Please to fill in gaps you might spot like birth, death and marriage dates, biographical information, etc. Part of the project's mission is also to maintain a photographic record so if you have old family photos, documents or ancestor memorabilia, I'd love to digitally scan them for preservation. If you are so inclined, I can also now accept donations online to support the site maintenance and research initiatives.

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