The online home of the New Jersey U.S.A. Joseph Mann Family


This site is the portal for all things relating to the Joseph Mann Family of New Jersey, USA as well as the starting point for the Origins Genealogy Project (O.G.P.). Learn more about the OGP at right.

The Origins Genealogy Project
Public and private sections devoted to family history research on the Mann and many other surnames. Includes a Project Newsletter for family members.
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Photography by Joseph Mann
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Origins Genealogy Services
Joseph Mann's genealogy media services and research business
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GenealogyNEXT Blog
A blog written by Joseph Mann on the intersection of technology and genealogy
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MannPower Design
The main site for Joseph Mann's visual strategy consulting company
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Logarithmic Impact
The main site for Joseph Mann's marketing consulting company
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Marketing | Demand Creation ROI Blog
A business weblog written by Joseph Mann featuring ongoing discussion of techniques for measuring and improving performance of lead generation initiatives.
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